Maharaja Agarsain Public School

School Legacy

We started our journey 47 Year Ago

School Legacy

Roots and Visionaries: Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, MAPS has been an anchor of educational excellence and personal growth for over 47 years. Driven by the profound belief that education holds the key to a brighter future, the worthy members of AWS sowed the seeds on 10th April 1978 in the memory of the great, Saint Maharaja Agarsain Ji (founder of the socialist democratic setup).MAPS is affiliated with CBSE and holds the distinction of being the first school in North Delhi registered with Cambridge Assessment International Education, University of Cambridge, U.K. Our commitment to academic diversity is evident in offering IGCSE and AS/A levels from primary to class X.

Motto and Theme: At MAPS, our guiding motto is 'Empowered Minds, Energised Souls.' This philosophy forms the cornerstone shaping the character and personality of each child. In the academic session of 2024-25, we delve into the transformative power of Mindfulness, aligning all activities with the UN Sustainability Goals, fostering a sustainable and equitable world.

Sustainable Infrastructure: MAPS takes pride in being a Green School, featuring a 120 KW solar plant, a Rainwater harvesting system, and a commitment to a plastic-free, zero-waste ethos. Recognized by BLUE PLANET for our active participation in the Waste to Wealth Green Steps Programme, we broke the Guinness World Record by responsibly collecting 437,975 kilograms of paper waste, showcasing our dedication to environmental education and sustainable practices.

Global Engagement:MAPS takes pride in fostering global understanding through virtual projects and collaborations with countries worldwide. From Indonesia to Vietnam, Canada to France, Bangladesh to Israel, Taiwan, and beyond, we actively engage in enriching cultural exchanges. At the heart of our global initiatives is the principle of 'VasudhaivKutumbakam,' affirming that the world is indeed one big family. Last year, we opened our doors to two Italian students, embracing diverse perspectives and creating lifelong connections. Continuing this tradition, we are excited to share that this year too MAPS has warmly welcomed two students from the United States for the2023-24 academic session. This exchange not only enhances our dedication to global engagement but also enriches the cultural tapestry within our school community.

Research Based Projects- Across classes from I to XII, our curriculum incorporates Research-Based Projects that immerse students in hands-on, real-world problem-solving using the principles of design thinking. Students embark on a journey of exploration and investigation, identifying significant issues that merit attention and effort.

Academic Excellence:Consistently excelling academically, MAPS boasts students achieving distinctions in board exams and national competitions, crediting the commitment of students and teachers. Our school proudly holds the title of Best Unaided Private School in the North Region, Delhi by Directorate of Education, Delhi Government. 

Balancing Brilliance- Our school has always been a nurturing ground for holistic development. From musical harmonies to theatrical performances and athletic triumphs, we celebrate the talents of well-rounded individuals. The MAPS Music Academy is affiliated to PrayagSangeetSamiti (Allahabad, UP) and offers courses in vocal and instrumental music whereas the Sports Academy provides coaching in basketball, table tennis, Archery, badminton, Lawn tennis, skating and cricket. The qualities of head, heart and hand are chiselled via the various tools of extracurricular activities. The House and Club activities nurture talents of students while Inter House Competitions inculcate a healthy competitive spirit. Our school proudly hosts AURA, an inter-school competition that attracts not only local talents but also participants from across the globe. Annual Subject Week celebrations, theme-based exhibitions, honoring National and International Days, and organizing school excursions are fundamentally intertwined as integral facets of education, forming the core of the learning experience.

A Beacon of Community- Community service and outreach have been integral to our identity. Our school has consistently engaged with the local community, working tirelessly to uplift the world around us. Propounding Hon’ble Prime minister mission of Fit India, Students are motivated to participate in any sport of their choice for an hour every day. The Awakened Citizen Program by Rama Krishna Mission was introduced to enable the students to reinforce their core strengths and harmonize their thoughts-actions-goals. Visits to Old Age Homes and orphanages help inculcate empathy in our learners. Under Udaan and Sangini, our ongoing projects, free education, and free skill-training respectively are provided to the underprivileged. Interact Club of our school has been involved in various social activities, be it organizing Blood and Organ Donation Camp or sending donations to slum area and creating awareness through rallies. The School Band and NCC Cadets have always remained our brute force for consistently displaying its prowess on important occasions.

Our remarkable journey is a testament to the enduring power of education. As we continue this journey into the future, we remain committed to lifelong learning and making an indelible impact on generations to come.